Mailed endorsements from some recent kitten buyers:

Hi Anita                                                                                                                                            August 2019.

I hope you are doing great and the cats are all doing very well. I thought I’d send you a couple of pictures of Louis. Hes been a wonderful boy and is super cuddly and still loves playing. Hes very relaxed with visitors. He has been wonderful. He doesn’t seem to favor anyone in the family he loves all of us,  unlike the girl cats they have their favorites .
We had a house sitter for a week  recently and he was very friendly with her also. Hes still a very big eater!!
Take care,



Stunning King Louis.( he is a seal mitted boy)





Hi Anita
Another pic of our beautiful Billi – can’t believe she will be 2 in

I’ve just been on your site and seen Georgie & Charlotte’s kittens – gorgeous! You will be very busy with them 😻
Kind regards
Christine & Steve.







Hi Anita, Thought we should share some pictures of O’Malley with you. He is an absolute delight and we all adore him! He is very cheeky and such a charmer. So sociable and confident and loving with everyone. Many, many thanks to you!!!
o’malleyo'malleyWith Kindest Regards,
Janine and Murray Alexander. July, 2018.


Hi Anita,
Since it is Bahli’s birthday today thought I would give you an update on his life. He is an adventerous little guy who loves bags and boxes, jumping in as soon as they hit the floor, loves climbing trees and stalking anything that moves outside (has caught a couple of bunnies & birds). He loves to come on walks with us down the paddock, hanging out with the pony and was quite attached to our calf club lamb..sleeping in her lamb house and following her around the paddock playing hide & seek. He is not a lap cat but stays in at night always on a bed and his morning routine is to lie flat tight on selected persons neck and purr like mad while kneading like a wee kitten. He is great company as is always where we are. He often throws himself on the floor in front of you and rolls upside down for pats. Can’t believe he is 1 already..at least he is eating his bikkies now and is just starting on royal canin rag doll adult. We absolutely love him to bits.

Hi Anita,
Some pics of Billi:) She has now been with us for 2 weeks-we adore her.!!! She loves ‘helping’ Steve with his Golf putts, loves her cat-tower & hammock, loves my dressing gown, & her food!And one of her fav toys is her orange goody bag:) I was reading today that Ragdolls are ‘rare treasures’-
Billi certainly is!!! Thank you so much! Christine & Steve.










Hi Anita, I just wanted to get in touch and let you know how much I’m enjoying wee Max. He’s gone from being your shadow to being mine and I just adore him! He’s been to the vets last week for his vaccinations and they did a quick check up as well because it was the first visit here and they said he’s absolutely perfect – I think the vet wanted to take him home! His litter training was fantastic and he’s not had a single accident. He’s eating well and growing well and doing all the things he’s meant to do. Favourite tricks at the moment include taking all the toilet paper off the roll, and stealing the Christmas tree decorations. He’s either all go or sound asleep – there’s no in between! I’m completely smitten with him and so and are my friends and family. I think they come to visit Max now, and not me! I just really wanted to say thanks to you so much again – he’s bringing me huge amounts of joy, and endless entertainment. He has the funniest little personality, so much mischief! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Warm regards, Amanda

Dear Anita,
This was meant to done before Xmas but time has flown
I am so delighted with Dougal he is such a happy great natured cuddly kitten
I have over the years had a Siamese and Birman but he is so much more intelligent and you see him think things through
He gives us so much fun and although he loves the family he knows who his mother is and is never far from me and he chirps away all day long even the vet when he was microchipped and 2 vacc said he has a great nature
He eats non stop and has grown so much
The attached photo was taken 3 weeks ago and will send another soon
Thank you for all the work you put into them to produce such Happy kittens


Hi Anita.. .Simba is a very relaxed cat who has been fantastic with always using his litter tray, doesn’t mind visitors…who always think he is super delicious, is great in the car and even went for a school visit first week we had him where he was passed around 27 children without batting an eyelid. We have recommended your kittens to many and continue to enjoy ours every day!