Ragdoll Kittens for Sale

NO MORE kittens  till at least SUMMER 2021.

I am having a knee replacement !!

I need to get over it before any  kittens are born..


Breaking News!!!  ( July 2020)

Transporting kittens: 2020/2021 By Air NZ….

Air NZ Cargo, has changed its pricing and requirements regarding transporting pets around New Zealand.

Rural airports now need a “Known Customer” ( who is someone they trust, and has gone thru a security testing course) to take animals into airport terminals, to dispatch them.

Buyers can collect their pets from All Air NZ Airports.

All reservations now have to be done thru a Booking Agent.

All this adds up to more cost to the buyer…..

SO I HAVE DONE THE  PAPERWORK, AND AM NOW A “KNOWN CUSTOMER ” for Air New Zealand, and can do the bookings, and take my pets ( and other local pets) into the Kerikeri airport and dispatch them.

This saving is directly passed onto my kitten BUYERS.

I supply an airline approved carry cage for cost ( $20)


Below are some of this past season’s kittens.All now sold, and gone.







I no longer have a “Waiting list” as I have bred kittens to what folk want….only to be let down, again and again!!!

IF you REALLY want a future kitten, email me, and convince me that you REALLY WANT ONE, and then I will contact you when I have a suitable kitten.