Ragdoll Kittens for Sale


Two litters of kittens born on November 11th!!

Charlotte has produced a big litter of 8 babies.

They will be blue colourpoint and blue mitted kittens.

One, blue mitted girl¬† is still available. “happycat Cookie” Ready late January 2020. A sweet wee girl who was bottle fed as a wee thing.

















Ruby Alice delivered her 4 babies.


They will be seal, and seal tabby point. ALL NOW SOLD.









Delivered 3 babies on November 23rd.  All now sold.















NEXT LITTER due Feb. 2020.

Starbright Stella is pregnant to Whiskey Mac.

(their 1st litter)



























Below are a few of the last kittens, from Autumn. All now long gone!!


Contact me if you wish to go onto the waiting list. happycat@slingshot.co.nz