I have been breeding Pedigree Ragdoll cats for the past 20 years, and began when I ran my own Boarding Cattery.
That was sold some years ago, and the cats and myself moved on to a new home.
The cats have their own up-market accommodation, a brand new state-of-art accredited cattery, and they love it.

The girls, and young teenagers live in my home, and the kittens are born and raised with me.
This is to fully care for them, to give the kittens confidence and to socialize them well into family life. My four grand children get them used to being around a noisy family.

Ragdolls are confident, intelligent, smart, and very clean cats. They are easy care, and only need grooming to help remove their winter coat, in springtime.
My cats are raised in the lap of luxury, and get the very best of foods and attention. They are weighed , cuddled , and played with daily.
The kittens are desexed, Vet checked, and have had their first vaccination, and do not leave home, (and their Mum,) until they are over 10 weeks of age.
I have 2 stud males and 8 girl cats, giving a good variety of colours, as they produce different coloured kittens,

folk have a choice of markings and colours.

All my breeding cats have been DNA swab tested ,and are NOT carrying the HCM heart murmur gene, so all my kittens will be Clear/Negative of this genetic disease.

Some greedy, unregistered, “backyard” breeders do not have this test done, and kittens can suddenly die of a massive heart attack, usually around 2 yrs of age. What a waste!! Why would they? All breeding cats should be HCM test clear/negative, for the kittens to be safe.

Kittens are currently sold from $850 for boys, and $900 for girls. ( desexed = girls cost more to spay)
They can be flown to any airport in the country at the buyers cost. I provide an airline approved carry cage, at cost,

( $30) to fly the kitten in.

Airfares are: North Island=$180 and South Island=$270 + the carry cage cost of $30. I do all the flight bookings, to suit the buyer, and pay the booking agent. Kittens are flown Air NZ Cargo, in a pressurised cargo area.

Folk collecting their kittens get a ‘goodies bag’ with the kitten’s blanket, toys, biscuits ,tinned food, vaccination book, and pedigree certificate.

Flying  kittens, also get the blanket, toys, and papers, (inside the carry cage, under the bedding.)


My breeding life began over 19 years ago, starting with just two beautiful Ragdoll kittens, and then another girl was purchased, and so it grew, and grew, and became my way-of-life. I am 76 now, but will continue to breed these wonderful cats, as long as I can.I do not make much of a profit, but It keeps me busy!! ( and healthy!!)

Ragdolls are so very addictive, as many of my kitten buyers find out. I am now selling new kittens to my original kitten buyers of 19 years ago.

Some have made it to T.V commercial advertising, and Caroline, at Hero Animals  is awaiting another suitable boy for future roles.

They become your life, and purr their way into your very soul.

Ragdoll cats are all different….folk sometimes have preconceived ideas of what colour and sex they want, but mother nature has her own way of finding just the right kitten for each person…And it works out just fine.

Ragdoll kittens tend to choose their own people.

I sell kittens to all parts of New Zealand,  and a high percentage are kittens chosen from Photos

A lot fly to their new homes.

This works very well, and I usually buy new breeding kittens in exact the same way. Communication is the key to getting this right.

I prefer not to sell anyone 2 girl kittens, and sometimes getting two kittens together, is not a good idea.

If you want 2 kittens, buy a boy first, then get the 2nd one a few months later ( either sex)

If you buy 2 at the same time, they will ignore their people, and just bond with each other. Not a good idea.

PLEASE NOTE:  I will not have any kittens, now until October 2020.

Kittens available will be on my “kittens for sale” page, when I have some.