Ragdoll Kittens for Sale

SPRING 2018…..

BELLA-DONNA is the first to deliver,

She produced 4 big babies, on August 19th.


Here they are at 2 weeks old.              3 boys and 1 girl.

The Dad is Barty.



The next to deliver is Lady Jessica….due any day now!



6 babies delivered all   night

on the 13th of  September.






Next, will be Charlotte. Due in Mid OctobeHer babies will be bluepoint and blue mitted.






My kittens are now be registered with Catz Inc NZ.( the friendly club)      

 Kittens are all health checked, desexed, and will have had at least one vaccination before they leave home. They can be flown to any airport in NZ at the buyers cost. $110 North Island and $175 South Island. ( I can  supply an  airline approved carry cage, for their flight, …(.which is $30 to you,  & 2 kittens can fly for the same airfare price.)All my kittens are HCM clear.


These are purebred  Registered pedigree kittens and I have been breeding only Ragdolls, for over 18 years, and I do it the right way.

They get the very best I can give them, food…love, attention, and best of all, my time.

My kittens sell as pets from $800. Boys, and $850 for Girls. ( desexed and vaccinated)

My prices are lower than Auckland Breeders, because of my location, but they are just as good, ( or even better) than other breeders.

They are desexed and have had the 1st vaccination, before they leave home. They can be microchipped for $32 if you wish.

All are from DNA tested parents ,(the HCM heart disease gene,) and all my cats have returned Negative/clear  to this killer disease.

So the kittens are also all Negative/clear, and will therefore not die of a massive heart attack. ( Be wary of un tested cats, from not registered breeders)

Why take all the trouble, heartache, and effort,  to breed poor quality kittens , when it is so easy to do it the right way, and get top quality babies.

They are all very dear to me, and I love the joy they bring to people….fulfilling happiness is a great job.