My boys and girls:


Here are photos of my lovely breeders.

   QUINCY    a large, very affectionate and laid-back, bluepoint boy.

Here he is at just 7 months old.

A huge boy .”the smooch”




breeding cats 012







BARTY  a new blue mitted boy. shown here at just 5 months old…he will be big.


breeding cats 019













My seal bi colour cutie pie. Stunning face and eye colour.


Kwasi 003Cats 2015 009









   CHARLOTTE (Lottie)

Very pretty & large, a  bluepoint with a delightful nature.

breeding cats 007

Cats 2015 012








    GEORGINA: ( Georgie)

My  pretty sealpoint girl. (Stunning eyes!)

Cats 2015 001

Cats 2015 006









   BELLA  DONNA: ( Bella)

My sweet lilac point girl will hopefully add a new colour line.

She is just 4 months old, here, and will be quite a  big girl. Lovely nature.


Bella Donna 002










Tabatha’s daughter, BINDI a blue tabbypoint.

Bindi 001Bindi 004












A very sweet blue tabby girl.